Window Tinting Services

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the window film industry.

A-1 Tint Pros has over twenty years experience in the window film industry. We are dedicated to provide the absolute best window tinting experience. It starts with our friendly staff providing you the knowledge of the products and benefits of each as well as provide you with superior customer service. Next we use the most superior window films in the industry and they all come with a lifetime warranty. Finally, our installers are all certified professionals that take pride in the quality of the job.

4 Convenient Locations

We have 4 convenient locations across the triangle and also in Charlotte.

Superior Customer Service

Our friendly staff will provide the knowledge of the products and benefits of each.

Superior Films

We use the most superior window films in the industry and they all come with a lifetime warranty

Certified Installers

Our installers are all certified professionals that take pride in the quality of the job.

Automotive Window Tinting
white super windows tinted

Our automotive tinting installers are all certified professionals that take pride in the quality of the job.  I’m sure you have seen cars with bubbles or purple distorted tint as I have, bring your vehicle to us and we guarantee it won’t happen to you. We install every back glass in one true piece on all vehicles and take the tint all the way to the top edge of the glass on the side windows so you can’t see any gap when you put your windows down. Our superior films and installation provide a factory showroom finish while protecting your interior and yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Commercial Window Tinting
Commercial Window Tinting

A building’s weakest point for energy loss and gain is its windows. Commercial window tinting is the most cost effective way to enhance the appearance of your business or storefront, by blocking the sun’s harmful UV Rays that can damage inventory. Window Film can both reflect and insulate glass from the suns harsh heat and U. V. rays. Window film can actually pay for itself within 2 years, with savings in cooling and heating all year round. Window Films can not only enhance the appearance of your windows but can also offer another layer of security. A full line of Safety and Security films are available to protect against break-ins and natural disasters.
All of our films are of a high grade and are designed to last. All of our films are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. We have carefully selected the most superior window films because of the level of technology that has gone into the development of their products.

We provide free on site estimates, call today to experience first hand the difference a window film can make on your building.

Residential Window Tinting

Your homes biggest source of heat gain is from the windows, what if you could lower your room’s temperature by up to 15%? It would make an incredible difference, wouldn’t it? Our films are great at lowering a room’s temperature and stopping ultraviolet rays from damaging flooring, furniture and artwork.

We have tinted many homes over the years; we have seen first hand the damaging effects the sun can have on the interior of your home.  Today’s homes are designed to introduce sunlight from all angles.  If left unprotected your interior can be damaged by the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet Rays.  Our residential films block 99.9% of the damaging Ultra Violet rays.

Think of our residential window tinting as sunscreen for your windows.  Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable.  Yet heat, cold and glare can make your favorite room the last place you want to be.  Our residential films can make your home more comfortable, by blocking the glare and heat, therefore by saving on energy costs.  Window films can actually enhance your view; our films are made with the highest quality to give you crystal clear quality, an unobstructed view that is unobstructed by annoying glare.

Cool and protect your home from the sun today!