How To Remove Window Tinting Safely and Easily

Auto Window Tinting

You’ve been riding in style for a while, and you have the sneaking suspicion that things are about to change. How long ago was it you got that tint job? You’ve been trying to ignore it, but there are signs of wear and tear to your window tint and you’re afraid this is going to be like removing wallpaper.
Don’t worry! My cape is fresh from the cleaners and I’m swooping in to save the day. I have step-by-step instructions on how to remove automotive window tinting safely and easily. I won’t bore you with a lot of useless words, I’ve got the nitty gritty for you right now.

Signs You Need Your Windows Re-Tinted

You’re looking for two signs of wear and tear: bubbling and purpling.


It’s kind of trashy, but it happens. Over time, the structural integrity of your tint erodes and may bubble up.


A fun word for an annoying problem. Over time, the tint on most windows will turn purple from sun exposure. It’s not a good look unless you’re going for an 80s revival theme.

Window tint turns purple because a mix of pigments is at play to create gray or black tint. Some of these colors fade faster, leaving a purple hue visible.

If you can have your windows serviced by a professional automotive tinting shop like A-1 Tint Pros, I recommend that as the best option. If you’re determined to DIY this vehicle maintenance, keep reading.

How To Remove Window Tinting, Step One: Assemble Some Supplies

To do this job, you’ll need:

  • Black Trash Bags
  • Full strength ammonia
  • A spray bottle (or two)
  • Liquid soap, like dish washing detergent
  • Super-Fine steel wool; the tiny kind, not the wool attracting the most romantic attention
  • A sharp knife or blade; a razor blade or box cutter works
  • Glass Cleaner, like Windex
  • Tarps or extra bags to protect your car interior
  • Sun
  • A couple of hours to let the method do its thing.

How To Remove Window Tinting, Step Two: Applying The Bags

Prepare to bag!

Get your black trash bags and cut window sized bits out of them. You’re going to apply this to the window, so make sure your cut outs cover the area well. You need two for each window.

Wipe or spray the outside of your car window with soapy water and apply the bag. Get as good a seal as you can for the best results. You’ll have extra bags, but they come into play in a second.

How To Remove Window Tinting, Step Three, Moving Inside

Now, get in your car with your tarp and ammonia, cover up your leather or upholstery, and start spraying the ammonia on the window pane. Keep the car doors open and consider wearing a mask because you don’t want to inhale ammonia.

How To Remove Window Tinting, Step Four, More Bags!

Immediately after spraying, apply your leftover bag bits to the interior of the window. Cover the window as well as you can so your job is easier later.

No go away. Not from this article, but from your car. You have to wait this one out and let the sun do its job heating up the windows. It will take about an hour.

How To Remove Window Tinting, Step Five: Peel It

After an hour, return to your car, remove the garbage bag from the inside of the window, and start peeling up the tinting film. You can use your blade to help get things started and to gently scrape off any pieces that are stubborn.

How To Remove Window Tinting, Step Six: Wash And Go

Now it’s time for your glass cleaner and, if you need it, the steel wool. Clean the interior windows well and when you’re done, peel the bags off the outside and shine those up to.

You should be driving in sunny style in no time!

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